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優質英語服務有限公司 (852) 53273108

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Q1. How to make payment for NAT English fees?
A1: All fees need to be paid 3 business days prior to commencement of the first class by cash or check.
- Make check payable to "NAT English Services Limited";
- Deposit cash into Hang Seng Bank Account No. : 225-347939-00-1 at teller counter or ATM or FPS.
- FPS : Hang Seng Faster Payment System ID : 5360581 or FPS Mobile Phone Number : 53273108
(Please verify our company bank account number and company name for payment at bank counter or ATM machine or FPS)

Q2. What is the tuition due for sessions of 1.5 hour twice a week?
A2: The computation method is $400/hour x 1.5 hour/Session x 2 sessions/week x 2 (4 class) = $2,400/month

Q3. Do you charge any referral fees for parents?
A3: None. Parents are not charged for any referral fees.

Q4. Do you provide residential tutorial service for piano lessons?
A4: Regrettably no. We specialize only in Native English tutorial services.

Q5. When I contact NAT English for an English tutor, how soon will my lessons begin?
A5: In order to ensure quality of service, NAT English will need several business days (no more than 3-4 days) to find the most suitable tutor for you.

Q6. If I find the tutor referred by NAT English unsuitable for my needs in the first week or two, how will NAT English resolve the issue?
A6: First of all, the client should inform us of the problem immediately. Upon verification, we will refer another tutor for the client.

Q7. If I do not paid within the time period specified by NAT English, what action will follow?
A7: First of all, we advise parents to pay tuition on time as we have financial obligations to other parties as well. We will initially remind parents by telephone or email for payment. If payment is ultimately not made, we will not provide the service requested.

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