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The Revelation of a Stellar Performance:

The results of the DSE were released. My student received the top grade of 5** in English Language

- David Poon (2015)

- Lau Bik Chiu (2017- Reading:5**/Writing:5**/Listening & Integrated skills:5*/Speaking:5**)

As his tutor, aside from feeling extremely proud of his performance, I received the following revelation:

(1) The student's determination and perseverance:

In the process of any important undertaking, the most crucial and decisive stage is the final 10% where most people become complacent and lose momentum after completing the first 90%, halting just before the Rubicon.

(2) Parental support:

Most parents harbor dreams for their children to reach the stars albeit their cautious approach of quitting while being ahead of the game defeats their own goal.

(3) Tutorial standard:

It takes a level 10** teacher to generate a 5** student. This is a simple but non-negotiable condition.

All of the above-mentioned conditions are indispensable.

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